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Welcome to my Classroom!
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Welcome to fifth grade.  My name is Mrs. Jill Waskom.  This is my twenty-second year at Jackson Elementary, fifteen of which were spent teaching kindergarten and this being the seventh year as a fifth grade teacher.  I have two beautiful daughters Mackenzie who is 15 years old and a freshman at Seymour High School and Morgan who is 14 years old and and an eighth grader at Immanuel Lutheran.  I am looking forward to teaching your child and learning/growing with them.  
I will make every effort to update these pages each week.  However, please check your child's agenda each night for homework assignments). Be sure to check your child's MONDAY FOLDER every Monday for all graded papers, homework and important news/papers from the office/classroom.
**A newsletter for the week are put in Monday Folders.  These newsletters tell you our focus for the week in each subject.  Be sure to read the newsletter.  It also includes calendar dates and important classroom news.
Students write their daily assignments in their agendas.  Please initial agendas each night, and ask your child about his/her school day:  classwork, recess, special classes, their friends, etc.  
General Information


Tuesday-Computer Lab




School Information/Important Dates

***Due to fifth grade having the last lunch each day.  Students may bring a snack and bottle of water each day if desired.  Thank you!

March 23 through May 1-eLearning days

May 21-Last Student Day

May 22-Snow Make-up day (4th) No school

Classroom Information
We'll have a new reading series this year.  It is called Wonders through McGraw-Hill.  Students can access assignments through their online login for McGraw-Hill.  We will be using that along with novels throughout the year.
We'll have  words that go with our reading story each week.  We'll work with words in class daily.  Generally, we'll have a practice test each Thursday.  If students earn 100%, they will not have to re-test on Friday.
Students will be working in the Ready Math from Curriculum Associates in an instruction and practice book.  There is also an online component to this math series.  Students are expected to have a minimum of 45 minutes each week in iReady on their chromebooks.
Per corporation direction, we are to teach Science for two weeks each grading period. This is a minimum requirement that every elementary teacher in our corporation will be doing every grading period.  As time allows, I will try to tie Science in to some of our other subject areas as much as possible.
Social Studies
We have a textbook we will use. We'll cover the chapters in order.  I'll try to do a variety of hands-on activities to help students learn and understand the material. 
English (Grammar)/Writing
We will follow English/Grammar and writing lessons per McGraw-Hill.
Extra Information
Students will fill out their agendas daily.  Students are to sign their agendas every night saying they completed all assignments.  It is time for them to take on more responsibility and be accountable for their work.  Also, I use the agenda to write notes to parents if needed.  Please do the same.  If you need to contact me, send a note,  write a note in the agenda, call school (522-5709), or email (waskomj@scsc.k12.in.us).  Please note, sometimes I cannot check my email until students have left for the day.  You can also call me at home in the evening OR text me.  Please leave a message (I don't always answer right away if I am busy running my daughters places and/or helping them with their homework in the evenings) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  You may also use Remind101 and/or Class DOJo to message me and I will get back to you.

E-Learning Day Google Classroom Codes

Office hours on elearning days are as follows if you have a question:  9:00 to 3:00.  I can be contacted via email, class dojo, and remind101.  Thank you

Direct LINK to GOOGLE CLASSROOM page---https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h

(The agenda for each day will be posted each day in my google classroom homeroom.  Be sure to check each subject for daily assignments)


Language Arts-7say6lj


Social Studies-2pqqou2


Mrs. Mikel's library google classroom code:  jngbduf

Mrs. Wehmiller's art google classroom code:  tgfzso4

Mr. Wood's PE google classroom code:  7gldbnm

Mrs. Porter's music google classroom code:  bbdagcg

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