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Mrs. Karen Dobrinski
Teacher Room Number
Room 425
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522-5709 Ext. 2425

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Created: Aug 4, 2010
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Updated: May 7, 2018
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Welcome to Mrs. Dobrinski's Page!
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I just wanted to let parents know that I will be using the Web Page. 
I am very excited to be teaching your child for this school year.  Please feel free to contact to me.  

T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!
Jackson School Creed
Jackson School Creed

I believe in doing my best.
I will be honest.
I will respect others.
I am responsible for my learning.
For I know learning is the key to my success.

Upcoming Events
Dates to Rememer:
Last day of school:  Friday, May 25
*Please make sure your child is wearing a coat, hat, gloves, mittens, etc. to school each day.  He/she will be going outside for recess for about 20 minutes before lunch each day.  It can get very cold without these very important items.  Thanks for your help with this!
Class Info
Attendance We can get a class pop party for having 5 straight days in a row with PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!  More goodies are added for each week we have perfect attendance. 

We have not been able to participate in this as a class yet.  I understand students are sick/have appointments but just wanted you to be aware of this opportunity!

BOX TOPS:  Keep saving and bringing in those box tops!  We can also earn a class party from the PTO if we collect the most each month as well as earn money for the school!

If you would ever want to join your child for lunch.  Our lunch time is 11:45 to 12:15

Mole and the Baby Bird


This week we will be reading "Mole and the Baby Bird" . p 60-77.   Please return book each morning.  Please read story with your child.

Vocabulary words this week/Amazing Words:  
miserable, selfish, ignore, proper, freedom, shrug, scarcely

Students are now reading AR books.  After reading these books the student will take a test on what they have read.  It is taken on the computer at school or at home.  The link is on my home page under favorite Web sites.  When your child brings the book home, help them read the book and ask questions about the book.  They will be taking a test over the book and working for 5 points.  (Each book is worth only .5 points.  They will need to read at least 15 books) 


Students are to write Word Wall Words 3 times each on the paper that comes home each night Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. 

door, loved, wood, should, mouth, house, found, our, out, cloud, ouch, shout, round, count, fond

I went out the back door of the house.
****Spelling Test is Friday!

Math Homework
Monday:  306, 307 &308
Tuesday:   309-312
Wednesday:   314-316
Thursday:   317-320
Friday:  no homework

Your child is working on the year-end goal of reaching level 10 (completing Level 9) using the Language Arts program, Lexia.  Please help your child go to this website at home so that he/she may obtain this goal!  We will also be working to reach this goal here at school.  Go to Lexiacore5.com .  You will need my email address, dobrinskik@scsc.k12.in.us for the first time that you sign in.  Your child's username and password for this program are on a label on the first page of his/her agenda.  Below i have broken the levels down by month.  If your child completes each level listed by the end of each month, he/she should have no problem reaching Level 10 by the end of the year.  Many children continue to work towards higher levels to better prepare them for 2nd grade!

September Level 2
October Level 3
November Level 4
December Level 5
January Level 6
February Level 7
March Level 8

April Level 9


May Birthdays

Nakaiya - 2


Happy happy Birthday


(Students may bring treats to school for their birthdays! 19 students)

For the future I do not mind having cupcakes, please try to bring in the small ones.  Thanks

Important Information!
Homework--Homework will be given Monday - Thursday.  You may help your child with homework as needed.  Homework will be listed in your child's agenda each day.  Homework papers will be in your child's blue folder.  The homework papers and blue folder must be returned to school every day.  We are working hard on our organizational skills with writing our assignments down and bringing our materials home. No homework on Fridays!

*Agendas--Students will write homework assignments in the agenda.  I will also write any notes to parents in the agenda as well.  If you need to write a note to me or another teacher, please do so in the agenda.  There is a place in the agenda for you to sign each night.  This is very important.  Signing the agenda lets me know that you have checked the homework, and that you are aware of your child's behavior for the day.  Behavior will be noted with a sticker each day.  The agenda is very important and must be returned to school every day.

Special Classes
All at 1:00-1:40
Monday:  Gym- Remember Gym shoes!
Tuesday:  Library 
Wednesday:  Computer
Thursday:  Art
Friday:  Music

Recess:  11:10-11:35
Lunch:  11:45-12:15

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