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Jackson School Creed
I believe in doing my best.
I will be honest.
I will respect others.
              I am responsible for my learning.
                For I know learning is the key to my success.
Dates to Remember

Feb. 18--President's Day; Snow Make-Up Day #1--School is IN SESSION

Feb. 21--120th Day of School

March 1--Jump Rope for Heart 

March 15--End of 3rd quarter

March 17--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 18-22--Spring Break:  NO SCHOOL

April 19--Good Friday:  Snow Make-Up Day #3  SCHOOL IS IN SESSION

April 21--Happy Easter

April 22--Snow Make-Up Day #2.  School is IN SESSION

May 12--Happy Mother's Day

May 23--Last Student Day

May 24--Snow Make-Up Day #4 or NO SCHOOL

Other Important Information


Lexia:  Your child is working on the year-end goal of reaching level 10 (completing Level 9) using the Language Arts program, Lexia.  Please help your child go to this website at home so that he/she may obtain this goal!  We will also be working to reach this goal here at school. Go to Lexiacore5.com.  You will need my email address, smithl@scsc.k12.in.us  for the first time that you sign in. Your child's username and password for this program are on a label on the first page of his/her agenda.  Below I have broken the levels down by month.  If your child completes each level listed by the end of each month, he/she should have no problem reaching Level 10 by the end of the year.  Many children continue to work towards higher levels to better prepare them for 2nd grade!

September--Level 2                   January--Level 6

October--Level 3                       February--Level 7

November--Level 4                   March--Level 8

December--Level 5                   April--Level 9

I-Ready:  This is a math program your child will be using that is similar to Lexia.  It teaches your child at his/her "just right" level.  Click on the link to the right.  Your child's login information is on the front page of his/her agenda.

IXL:  This is a math program that we use for enrichment or when your child has complete his/her 45 minutes on i-Ready.  Your child's login information is on the front page of his/her agenda.

Spelling City:  When a student reaches Level 10 on Lexia, he/she may choose to use this program to play games and do activities with spelling words.

myOn:  When a student reaches Level 10 on Lexia, he/she may choose to use this program to read online books at his/her individual reading level.


 Happy February Birthdays to:   Alex--11th; Hayate--20th!

 Students may bring treats to school for their birthdays on a Friday.  We have a little more flexibility with time on Fridays!

Treats must be store-bought with ingredients listed on a label to prevent allergic reactions.  Please let me know a couple of days in advance if your child wants to bring a birthday treat so I can plan accordingly.  Thanks!  Just a suggestion:  Smaller is better!  Mini cupcakes, small cookies, or small treats work great with this age group.  Some students will only take one or two bites and throw the rest away.   Currently we have 22 students.

Story for the Week: Where Are My Animal Friends?

  Pages:  190-207

  Genre:  Drama

  Phonics focus:  Consonant Pattern -dge; Comparative Endings -er, -est

  Fluency Skill:  Expression and Intonation

  Text-Based Comprehension:  Draw Conclusions; Background Knowledge

  Phonemic Awareness:  Segment and Blend Words; Change and Add Phonemes


Spelling:  before, oh, does, right, good-bye, won't, faster, fastest, taller, tallest, shorter, shortest, sadder, saddest, bigger


Sentence:  I am taller than my friends at school.


Amazing Words:  hibernate, temperature, freeze, weary, migrate, autumn, bitterly


**Reading and Spelling tests on Tuesday**

Mon:  Read "Where Are My Animal Friends"; Spelling words 1-5  3 times each.
Tues: Read "Where Are My Animal Friends"; Spelling words 6-10 3 times each.
Wed:  Buddy Bag; Spelling words 11-15  3 times each.
Thur: Read "The Contest"; Spelling sentences 1 time each.
Fri:  None



We will begin working on Persuasive Writing--writing an opinion, reasons and explanations, and restating the opinion.


Skill this week:  Add Tens to Any Number

There will occassionally be math homework, but we will do our best to complete work in class.  Please check your child's agenda and red folder to see if there is any math homework for the day.

Test on Friday!


 Our special classes are 12:20-1:00 every day.

 Monday:  Library

Tuesday:  Computer Lab

Wednesday:  Art

Thursday:  Music

Friday:  PE

Thank You!

Thanks so much for reading the webpage/newsletter!  It is important to me that you are informed of what is going on in our classroom.  To show my appreciation, I will reward your child with a small treat if you write this phrase:  120th Day in your child's agenda above your initials on Monday, February 18th.

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