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Parents- Thank you so much for donating 1 dollar to All for Books campaign. First grade raised the most money and was awarded 25 dollars for books for our classroom.

Dates to Remember

Feb. 19:  Snow Make-Up Day #1--School is in session!

Feb. 23:  120th day!

March 9:  End of 3rd QTR

March 19-March 23:  Spring Break—NO SCHOOL

March 30:  Snow Make-Up Day #4--School is in session!

April 2:  Snow Make-Up Day #3--School is in session!

April 27:  
Snow Make-Up Day #2--School is in session!

May 24:  Last Student Day

Other Important Information

Friday, Feb. 23rd will be the 120th day of school.  First grade will celebrate this day because counting to 120 and understanding the 120 chart are first grade math standards.  Students may dress up like they are 120 years old on the 23rd.  We will also do some activities with the number 120.


Lexia:  Your child is working on the year-end goal of reaching level 10 (completing Level 9) using the Language Arts program, Lexia.  Please help your child go to this website at home so that he/she may obtain this goal!  We will also be working to reach this goal here at school. Go to Lexiacore5.com.  You will need my email address, thubbard@scsc.k12.in.us  for the first time that you sign in. Your child can login using their username and password   Below I have broken the levels down by month.  If your child completes each level listed by the end of each month, he/she should have no problem reaching Level 10 by the end of the year.  Many children continue to work towards higher levels to better prepare them for 2nd grade!

September--Level 2                       January--Level 6

October--Level 3                           February--Level 7

November--Level 4                        March--Level 8

December--Level 5                        April--Level 9


Story for the Week: Frog and Toad Together

  Pages:  126-141

  Genre:  Animal Fantasy

  Phonics focus:  Vowel: r-Controlled ar; Adding Endings

  Fluency Skill:  Expression and Intonation

  Text-Based Comprehension:  Author's Purpose; Visualize

  Phonemic Awareness:  Isolate Final Phonemes; Segment and blend Phonemes; Add Phonemes


Spelling:  afraid, how, again, few, read, soon, plan, planned, help, helped, drop, dropped, call, called, asked  

Bonus Word:  nature

Sentence:  I was not afraid when she helped me.


Amazing Words:  gardener, sprout, shade, destroy, nature, dim, sprinkling, humongous


**Reading and Spelling tests on Friday!**

Mon:  Read "Frog and Toad Together"; Spelling words 1-5  3 times each.
Tues: Read "Frog and Toad Together"; Spelling words 6-10 3 times each.
Wed:  Reading Bag; Spelling words 11-15 3 times each.
Thur: Read "The Cart"; Spelling sentences 1 time each.
Fri:  None


We will be conferencing over, and publishing our narrative pieces about snowmen (even though the temperature is in the 50s! ).


Please have your child complete the front and the back of the homework sheet. You may help your child as needed!  On days a new skill is introduced, you will receive a family letter.  This letter is to demonstrate to parents how to help your child with the new math skill.  This week in Math we will be learning the following skill:  Number Patterns

 Monday:  Test over Adding and Subtracting Tens

Tuesday:  None

Wednesday:  187-188

Thursday:  189-190

Friday:  None





Special Classes

Monday Music 1:00-1:40

Tuesday Gym 1:00-1:40

Wednesday Library 1:00-1:40

Thursday Computer Lab 1:00-1:40

Friday Art 1:00-1:40

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