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Students will need to log in using their Google account information.

username: 31lastnamefirstname@scsc.k12.in.us

password: studentID000


*If your son/daughter works with Mrs. Atchison or Mrs. Robertson, please have them access their google classroom for content relevant to them.  These activities are only meant to take about 10 minutes and if they have questions about those, you can email Mrs. Atchison at .

Mrs. Atchison, EL teacher: atchisond@scsc.k12.in.us

Para ayuda adicional:
Mariam Fields, EL assistant:

EL assistant- Hannah Davis

Title one assistant:  Debbie Clifford cliffordd@scsc.k12.in.us






March 16-March 20: Spring Break

April 10: Snow Make-Up Day #3

April 13:  Snow Make-Up Day #2

May 21:  Last Student Day

May 22:  Snow Make-Up Day #4 




Other Important Information

September 23-27th is Indiana College Go Week! We are encouraging students to participate in spirit days corresponding to the colors of the Colleges.

Monday: Wear Blue to support Franklin College, University of Southern Indiana, Indiana State University, University of Michigan, Concordia, Fresno Pacific, Harrison College, &  University of Guanajuanto.

 Tuesday:  Wear Camo/Green to support our different branches of the Military, Trade Schools and Ivy Tech.

Wednesday: Wear Red to support Indiana University, Ball State, Indiana University Southeast, IUPUC, IUPUI, Averett University, & Ohio State.

Thursday:  Wear Black & Gold to support Purdue University.

Friday:  Wear  Purple, because it all starts here at Seymour Community Schools!  Also supporting University of Evansville and Goshen College. 


**Zoo Trip--Wednesday, Oct. 16th**

Please return the zoo forms as soon as possible!



Lexia:  Your child is working on the year-end goal of reaching level 10 (completing Level 9) using the Language Arts program, Lexia.  Please help your child go to this website at home so that he/she may obtain this goal!  We will also be working to reach this goal here at school. Go to Lexiacore5.com.  You will need my email address, thubbard@scsc.k12.in.us  for the first time that you sign in. Your child can login using their username and password   Below I have broken the levels down by month.  If your child completes each level listed by the end of each month, he/she should have no problem reaching Level 10 by the end of the year.  Many children continue to work towards higher levels to better prepare them for 2nd grade!

September--Level 2                       January--Level 6

October--Level 3                           February--Level 7

November--Level 4                        March--Level 8

December--Level 5                         April--Level 9




Mon:  Read "What Can It Do?"; Spelling words 1-5  3 times each.
Tues: Read "Friends"; Spelling words 1-5  3 times each.
Wed:  Read "Friends"; Spelling words 1-5  3 times each
Thur: Read Buddy Bag; Spelling words 6-10  3 times each
Fri:  None

A good way to help your child be successful on the weekly spelling tests is to do a practice test.  Do this by giving your child the spelling words and have him/her write them as if it were a real test.  For any words missed, have him/her practice writing them five times each.  Then redo the test again.  Continue practicing in this way until the words are mastered.


We will start to label some of our drawings.  This helps us to hear sounds in words and to be risk takers in writing.   


Skill this week:  Doubles and Doubles Plus 1

There may occassionally be math homework, but we will do our best to complete work in class.  Please check your child's agenda and red folder to see if there is any math homework for the day.

















Special Classes

Monday P.E. 1:00-1:40

Tuesday Library 1:00-1:40

Wednesday Computer Lab 1:00-1:40

Thursday Art 1:00-1:40

Friday Music 1:00-1:40

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E-learning link-https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/Njg3NzQ3MzkyN1pa

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