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Parents: Please make sure to read with your child every night. If the reading is too hard, you can help them by reading a sentence and have them echo your reading,
Dates to Remember

April 29-May 10th--End of Year Assessments

May 12--Happy Mother's Day

May 16--Culture Night 5:00-6:30

May 23--Last Student Day

May 24--Snow Make-Up Day #4 or NO SCHOOL




Other Important Information


Lexia:  Your child is working on the year-end goal of reaching level 10 (completing Level 9) using the Language Arts program, Lexia.  Please help your child go to this website at home so that he/she may obtain this goal!  We will also be working to reach this goal here at school. Go to Lexiacore5.com.  You will need my email address, thubbard@scsc.k12.in.us  for the first time that you sign in. Your child can login using their username and password   Below I have broken the levels down by month.  If your child completes each level listed by the end of each month, he/she should have no problem reaching Level 10 by the end of the year.  Many children continue to work towards higher levels to better prepare them for 2nd grade!

September--Level 2                       January--Level 6

October--Level 3                           February--Level 7

November--Level 4                        March--Level 8

December--Level 5                         April--Level 9

Story for the Week: Mole and the Baby Bird

  Pages:  60-77

  Genre: Animal Fantasy

  Phonics focus: ow, ou

  Fluency Skill:  Accuracy, rate, expression, and appropriate phrasing

  Text-Based Comprehension:   Draw conclusions, background knowledge

  Phonemic Awareness:  Segment and blend phonemes, create words, remove phonemes


Spelling:  door, loved, wood, should, mouth, house, found, our, out, cloud, ouch, shout, round, count, south  


Sentence: Always shut the door to your house.


Amazing Words:  miserable, selfish, ignore, proper, freedom, shrug, fond, scarcely
**Reading and Spelling Tests on Friday**


 Mon:  Read "Mole and Baby Bird"; Spelling words 1-5  3 times each.

Tues: Read "Mole and Baby Bird"; Spelling words 6-10 3 times each.
Wed:  Read  Bag; Spelling words 11-15  3 times each.
Thur: Read Sentence Sheet; Spelling sentences 1 time each.
Fri:  None



We will begin working on a Narrative Writing.  Students will write a story with a character, setting, problem and solution.  It will have an introduction, transition words, details, and a conclusion.


Skill this week:  Compare Data

There will occassionally be math homework, but we will do our best to complete work in class.  Please check your child's agenda and red folder to see if there is any math homework for the day.

Quiz on Friday!















Special Classes

Monday P.E. 1:00-1:40

Tuesday Library 1:00-1:40

Wednesday Computer Lab 1:00-1:40

Thursday Art 1:00-1:40

Friday Music 1:00-1:40

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