General Rules and Schedules

Parent Pickup/Drop Off - We would appreciate your cooperation by dropping off your children in the parking lot designated for Car Riders. According to law enforcement, handicapped spaces and ramps should never be blocked. Please do not park and leave your car unattended in front of the school entrance. This makes it hard for parents to get around the car and there is a handicapped ramp that parents and staff need to use. Do not park or block buses. The bus parking lot is designated especially for bus drop off and pick up. Bus drivers cannot see children running across the parking lot.

Visitors - Parents of students are encouraged to visit the school and children's teachers. However, Parents should make arrangements in advance in order to be assured that school personnel will be available to meet with them. In order to protect students and staff, all doors will be locked at all times except the front office doors and will stay locked during school hours. All visitors during the school day first shall report to the school office, sign in the log book, and get a pass. Visitors are asked to stop in the office and sign out before they leave the building. This policy is very helpful in case of an emergency or fire. The school office will use the log book to advise emergency staff of who is in the building at the time of the emergency so they can make sure everyone is out.

Medication -Indiana Law states that a corporation may not send home medication (prescription and non-prescription) with a student that is taking the medication during school hours. The following guidelines will be observed.
  1. For students in grade K-5, the medication will only be released to the student's parents or an individual who is at least 18 years of age and designated in writing by the student's parent to receive the medication.
  2. Prescription medication must be brought to school in a properly labeled container. You may ask your pharmacist to give you a second labeled container to send to school with your child.
  3. Over-the-counter medication must be sent to school in the original container, such as the box for sinus medication, Tylenol, bottle of cough medicine, etc.
  4. A medication form MUST be filled out and on file at school before any medication can be given. Please do not send a note with the medication to school with your child.
Only a form from the state of Indiana will be accepted. You may pick up this form in the school office. Medication that is to be given (3) three times a day can be given at home in the morning before school, after school, and at bedtime.

Student Information Forms - Students forms will be sent home the first day of school. Parents are to fill out and send back to school as soon as possible. Please be sure to check the box for field trips. Students will need this filled out if they are going to go on a field trip with their class. Please notify the school immediately if there are any changes in your address, home or work telephone numbers, emergency contact persons, or any changes in medical information, especially diagnosed allergies or medication changes.

Moving to another School- Please notify the school if you are transferring to another school immediately. School records will have to be prepared for you. The records will be forwarded directly to the receiving school upon request from that school.

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